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AngularJS unit test check if function without methods have been called

I'm using Jasmine to unit test my Angular app. It's pretty easy to test if a method of a function has been called using something like:

spyOn($rootScope, "$emit");

But I can't find a way to check when a function has been called (without a method), for e.g. I'm using
; in one controller and I have no idea where to apply the above code to this guy. I've seen some Jasmine examples where they were using
, but this doesn't work with Angular's DI.

Answer Source

I can't try it myself at the minute but maybe you could just inject a mock $anchorScroll instead?

var $anchorScroll = jasmine.createSpy('anchorScroll');

$controller('MyCtrl', {
    $anchorScroll: $anchorScroll


This should just create a blank spy, one which will take any arguments and do nothing but keep track of the calls for test usage.

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