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Jupyter Notebook - Cannot read property of undefined

I have cloned Jupyter notebook from Git repository and installed it in new separate conda environment for development purposes. I have installed correctly as given in https://github.com/jupyter/notebook/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.rst.

With 'jupyter notebook' command, it runs notebook in the browser, but opens up a blank page instead because of some javascript issues it is getting in browser console. They are:

TypeError: Cannot read property '_' of undefined(…)check @

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_' of undefined

Failed to parse SourceMap:

I haven't modified any js code till now. I have just installed it.
How to resolve this issues?

Answer Source

This error is platform specific. There might be some problem on my dev-master. For windows, try following commands:

git log
git checkout 4.2.0

With these commands, you will have fresh checkout and also for webpack build. After that, try following commands:

python setup.py js
python setup.py css    

This will extract all js and css dependencies. Now try:

jupyter notebook

Everything works great!

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