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Python Question

How to find duplicate names using pandas?

I have a

with a column called
containing strings.
I would like to get a list of the names which occur more than once in the column. How do I do that?

I tried:

funcs_groups = funcs.groupby(funcs.name)

But it doesn't filter out the singleton names.


If you want to find the rows with duplicated name (except the first time we see that), you can try this

In [16]: import pandas as pd
In [17]: p1 = {'name': 'willy', 'age': 10}
In [18]: p2 = {'name': 'willy', 'age': 11}
In [19]: p3 = {'name': 'zoe', 'age': 10}
In [20]: df = pd.DataFrame([p1, p2, p3])

In [21]: df
   age   name
0   10  willy
1   11  willy
2   10    zoe

In [22]: df.duplicated('name')
0    False
1     True
2    False