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No type or protocol error while protocol is imported

At first, in LoadingVC.h I declare a protocol:

@protocol VideoWorker <NSObject>


@property (nonatomic) float progress;
@property (nonatomic) BOOL done;



@interface LoadingVC : UIViewController <UIAlertViewDelegate>

then in BlurWorkerGPU.h

#import "LoadingVC.h"

@interface BlurWorkerGPU : NSObject <VideoWorker> {
- (void)beginWorking;
@property(nonatomic)float progress;
@property(nonatomic)BOOL done;

However, llvm says that

"No type or protocol named 'VideoWorker'"

which is strange since I am importing the header where the protocol is defined. Any clues?

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Answer Source

You should forward declare protocol in .h files before you use it. Put this in the top of BlurWorkerGPU.h

@protocol VideoWorker;
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