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Object.respond_to? fails when retrieving method name symbol from array

I'm implementing page objects, and writing tests to verify them. I want to simplify the tests by storing the element names in an array of symbols and looping through it, but it's failing.

def setup
@browser = :phantomjs
@export_page = @browser
@assets = %i{:section :brand}



def test_static
$stdout.puts :section.object_id
raise PageElementSelectorNotFoundException, :section unless @export_page.respond_to? :section

> # 2123548

This passes because the target class does implement this method, however:


def test_iterator
@assets.each do |selector|
$stdout.puts selector.class
$stdout.puts selector.object_id
$stdout.puts :section.object_id
raise PageElementSelectorNotFoundException, selector unless @export_page.respond_to? selector

> # Testing started at 11:19 ...
> # Symbol
> # 2387188
> # 2123548

PageElementSelectorNotFoundException: :section missing from page
~/src/stories/test/pages/export_page_test.rb:20:in `block in test_iterator'

As you can see, I've checked the object ids of the symbols and they do seem to be different. Could this be why it's failing? Is there a solution to this?

Answer Source

When using short notation to declare an array of atoms, one should not put colons there:

- %i{:section :brand}   # incorrect
+ %i{section brand}     # correct

What you have actually defined by @assets = %i{:section :brand}, is the following array:

[:':section', :':brand']
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