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How to extend Hapi types [Typescript]

I am trying to add new type to existsing hapi definitions...
I want to add seneca type... Here is example

interface SenecaMethods {
act: any;
add: any;

interface HapiServer extends Hapi.Server {
info: any;
seneca: SenecaMethods;

const server: HapiServer = new Hapi.Server();

Error it return Server is not assignable to HapiServer, property
'seneca' missing in type server.

How is possbile to add it seneca methods to Hapi.Server? I can put seneca as optional but I don't want it to be optional....

Answer Source

You have a few options:


const server: HapiServer = new Hapi.Server() as HapiServer;

//server.seneca === undefined


const server: HapiServer = Object.assign(new Hapi.Server(),
    { seneca: { act: "foo", add: "bar" } }


class MyHapiServer extends Hapi.Server {
  info: any;
  seneca: SenecaMethods;

    this.seneca = {

const server: MyHapiServer = new MyHapiServer();
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