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Swagger UI / Editor like page - add to my web site

I've created YAML file (and JSON file respectively) manually via swagger editor.

Now I want to embed the cool auto generated page from the swagger-editor tool into my website, so users could read and test it (via 'Try this operation' button) my API live.

I don't want swagger to generate any code for me and I don't need it to update the documentation (YAML or whatever) automatically. I will update my static YAML/JSON file whenever I'll need - manually.
Does swagger support this kind of feature? Is it something related to the 'Generate Client' in the swagger editor toolbar?
I'm looking for some html/js/css files that could load static YAML file and generate something similar to the right page of swagger-editor.
BTW, I'm using Apache web server (not that important).


EDIT: I'm looking for client side only - some js/css/html that could add the above requirements, I don't mind to generate it again from time to time (whenever I'll change my YAML file / my REST API)

Answer Source

Well, I found the tool I was looking for, it's the swagger-ui. It's not looking exactly as the swagger-editor right side UI but it satisfy my requirements - it parse my JSON file (which I wrote manually as YAML) in client side online with only static files (no server side work, only serve the pages).

Thanks anyway!

EDIT: I found that more people are interested in the editor view solution in the following link

EDIT2: I've add a short dirty workaround for previewing only the relevant section of the swagger-editor. You can see the changes here. You can try it:

  1. clone my forked repo: git clone
  2. cd swagger-editor
  3. npm install
  4. npm start

Please note: This preview shows the output of the file spec-files/default.yaml. I've only made some view changes, all the editor logic is still running behind.


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