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JSON Question

How to parse .json file with a gradle task and get the json data from it?

Is there a way where in I can parse a xyz.json file with help of a gradle task and get all the individual json data inside it? for eg. I want to parse this data which is stored in a xyz.json file in my assets folder and get all the values inside it, eg. get the value of "type".

"properties": {
"foo": {
"type": "pqr"
"bar": {
"type": "abc"
"baz": {
"type": "lmo"

Answer Source

You can create a gradle task like this

gradle myTask{
  def inputFile = new File("xyz.json")
  def json = new JsonSlurper().parseText(inputFile.text)
  def labels = //This will return "pqr"
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