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How to use new version of Node Nan Persistent

With new version of

what would be the equivalent code for following:
The following code works with 0.12.* but not on 4.3.0 and later.

//This is my object_
Persistent<Object> object_;

Local<Object> obj = Nan::New<Object>();
NanAssignPersistent(object_, obj); //Don't know what to replace with here

NanDisposePersistent(object_); //Don't know what to replace with here


The nan documentation shows how to deal with Persistents here. It may also be useful to look at the nan tests for Persistent.


Local<Object> obj;
Local<Object> obj2;

// Create a persistent
Nan::Persistent<v8::Object> persistent(obj);

// Get a local handle to the persisted object
v8::Local<v8::Object> orig_obj = Nan::New(persistent);

// Change the persistent reference

// Dispose of the persistent