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Java Question

Does the preparedStatement avoid SQL injection?

I have read and tried to inject vulnerable sql queries to my application. It is not safe enough. I am simply using the Statement Connection for database validations and other insertion operations.

Is the preparedStatements safe? and moreover will there be any problem with this statement too?


Using string concatenation for constructing your query from arbitrary input will not make PreparedStatement safe. Take a look at this example:

preparedStatement = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE name = '" + userName + "';";

If somebody puts

' or '1'='1

as userName, your PreparedStatement will be vulnerable to SQL injection, since that query will be executed on database as

SELECT * FROM users WHERE name = '' OR '1'='1';

So, if you use

preparedStatement = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE name = ?";
preparedStatement.setString(1, userName);

you will be safe.

Some of this code taken from this Wikipedia article.