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Content pushed to the right side when printing using AdminLTE on Chrome

When printing a page using the AdminLTE theme on Chrome, the content is pushed to the right side of the page. This only affects Chrome (safari & Firefox display the content full width) and only when actually printing. The "media print" emulation will display the content correctly, making this near impossible to debug beside trial and error.

I added this to my css file, but it doesn't change anything.

@media print {
.content-wrapper, .right-side, .main-footer {
margin-left: 0 px !important;
-webkit-transition: none !important;
transition: none !important;

EDIT : You can actually test it out in their own demo pages here : https://almsaeedstudio.com/themes/AdminLTE/pages/tables/data.html

Answer Source

This was an issue with Chrome 53 on MacOS and is now fixed on Chrome 54.

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