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how to display json array elements dynamically into select tag?

I have a JSON array in the format like this

"StoreName":["10001 Main ST","10002 Part1","10004 MyStore1","10005 M STR", "10008 Centro","10009 MyStore 02","1001 G","1001 H","10010 Store main ROAD","10011 Central M Store","10012 En Department","10013 M Station","10014 Test Center","10015 SubStore1","10016 AA","10018 M part #","10019 Test A - 26032016","1002 B","1002 I","10020 Test Central B "]

and I have to access each element of it and display it into options in select tag as

<select id ="storeNm" name="name">
<option>---Here store name list contents---</option>
<option>---Here store name list contents---</option>

I am new to JSON and have to do it using javascript/jQuery so any help/guidance will be appreciated.

Answer Source

Iterate and generate elements using Array#map method. Elements can be generate using jQuery.

var data = {
  "StoreName": ["10001 Main ST", "10002 Part1", "10004 MyStore1", "10005 M STR", "10008 Centro", "10009 MyStore 02", "1001 G", "1001 H", "10010 Store main ROAD", "10011 Central M Store", "10012 En Department", "10013 M Station", "10014 Test Center", "10015 SubStore1", "10016 AA", "10018 M part #", "10019 Test A - 26032016", "1002 B", "1002 I", "10020 Test Central B "]

// create select tag
$('<select/>', {
  // set id of the element
  id: 'storenm',
  // generate html content by iterating over array
  html: {
      // generate option with value and text content
      return $('<option>', {
        text: v,
        value: v
    // append the generated tag to body
<script src=""></script>

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