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Linux Question

Subversion web interface

I have recently installed Subversion onto a Linux server (CentOS) and everything works great.

I am wondering if there are any web interfaces available for managing the repositories i.e. create / delete repositories, manage users and permissions, view revision history, etc.

The idea is that I can do everything via a web interface instead of using SSH.

Incidentally I have Plesk/virtuozzo on this server (and Webmin on another test server) so if there is something that can integrate directly to these then even better!

Answer Source

The subversion people have a links list which references a ton of material related to subversion including management and different web interfaces.

I haven't used it but Submin might be what you're looking for.

If you're looking for simple repository browsing mod_dav_svn is minimal and works.

Trac was already suggested, but that has more bug-tracking-wiki-project-management features, but very little administration of svn out of the box.

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