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Extract multiples strings from one variable by using preg_match

I'm having troubles extracting several strings between tags from a variable, in order to echo them inside a span individually.

Thing is, the tags in question are determined by a variable, here is what it looks like :

$string = "[en_UK]english1[/en_UK][en_UK]english2[/en_UK][fr_FR]francais1[/fr_FR][fr_FR]francais2[/fr_FR][fr_FR]francais3[/fr_FR]";
$lang = "en_UK";

preg_match("/(.[$lang]), (.[\/$lang])/", $string, $outputs_list);

foreach ($outputs_list as $output) {
echo "<span>".$output."/span>";

// in this exemple I want to output :
// <span>english1</span>
// <span>english2</span>

It's my first time using preg_match and after trying so many differents things I'm kinda lost right now.

Basically I want to extract every strings contained between the tags [
] and [/
] (in my exemple
$lang = "en_UK"
but it will be determined by the user's cookies.

I'd like some help figuring this out if possible,


Answer Source

[] in a regular expression makes a character class. I'm not sure what you're trying to do with the .s and , either. Your regex currently says:

Any single character, an e, n, _, U, or K, a , and space, and again any single character, an e, n, _, U, K, but this time also allowing /.

Regex demo: https://regex101.com/r/8pmy89/2

I also believe you were grouping the wrong value. The () go around what you want to capture, know as a capture group.

I think the regex you want is:


Regex demo: https://regex101.com/r/8pmy89/3

PHP Usage:

$string = "[en_UK]english1[/en_UK][en_UK]english2[/en_UK][fr_FR]francais1[/fr_FR][fr_FR]francais2[/fr_FR][fr_FR]francais3[/fr_FR]";
$lang = "en_UK";
preg_match_all("/\[$lang\](.+?)\[\/$lang\]/", $string, $outputs_list);
foreach ($outputs_list[1] as $output) {
    echo "<span>".$output."/span>";

PHP demo: https://eval.in/686086

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