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How to use Doctrine's ArrayCollection::exists method

I have to check if an

entity already exists in the
but I have to perform the check on the emails as strings (the Entity contains an ID and some relations to other entites, for this reason I use a separate table that persists all emails).

Now, in the first I wrote this code:

* A new Email is adding: check if it already exists.
* In a normal scenario we should use $this->emails->contains().
* But it is possible the email comes from the setPrimaryEmail method.
* In this case, the object is created from scratch and so it is possible it contains a string email that is
* already present but that is not recognizable as the Email object that contains it is created from scratch.
* So we hav to compare Email by Email the string value to check if it already exists: if it exists, then we use
* the already present Email object, instead we can persist the new one securely.
* @var Email $existentEmail
foreach ($this->emails as $existentEmail) {
if ($existentEmail->getEmail()->getEmail() === $email->getEmail()) {
// If the two email compared as strings are equals, set the passed email as the already existent one.
$email = $existentEmail;

But reading the
class I seen the method
that seems to be a more elgant way of doing the same thing I did.

But I don't know how to use it: can someone explain me how to use this method given the code above?

Answer Source

Of course, in PHP a Closure is a simple Anonymous functions. You could rewrite your code as follow:

    $exists =  $this->emails->exists(function($key, $element) use ($email){
        return $email->getEmail() === $element->getEmail()->getEmail();

Hope this help

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