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Axis loading modules - Creating tempfile and failing

We are using axis for webservice communication between different system in house. Every once in a while the axis calls fail with a:

[org.apache.axis2.deployment.util.Utils] - Created temporary file : C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\_axis2\axis248890addressing-1.41.mar
[org.apache.axis2.util.Loader] - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Class Not found : org.apache.axis2.handlers.addressing.AddressingInHandler
[org.apache.axis2.util.Loader] - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.axis2.handlers.addressing.AddressingInHandler
[org.apache.axis2.i18n.ProjectResourceBundle] - org.apache.axis2.i18n.resource::handleGetObject(invalidmodule)
[org.apache.axis2.deployment.ModuleDeployer] - The addressing-1.41.mar module, which is not valid, caused org.apache.axis2.handlers.addressing.AddressingInHandler
org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: org.apache.axis2.handlers.addressing.AddressingInHandler

Maybe one in 100 fails like that.

The code is deployed on a 50thread weblogic app server running the axis2 version 1.4.1.

As far as I can tell from the log, the "Creating tempfile" happens in every call(and it mentions the same file everytime), so my guess is that maybe a multiple thread access to the same file, but I dont know what to do about it.

Has anybody got some insights that could help us eliminate this?


I Found a similar issue on the mailinglist without answer:
and posted this question there as well:

Answer Source

We found this issue

and the

configContext.terminate() was the culprit.

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