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What is the Cocos2d ccpForAngle() function replacement in Sprite Kit

I would like to do some calculations based on an angle, but I can't find a way to find a replacement of ccpForAngle() from Cocos2D to SpriteKit. It basically gives a x,y CGPoint based on a passed angle value.

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ccpForAngle() is defined in the cocos2d framework as

/** Converts radians to a normalized vector.
 @return CGPoint
static inline CGPoint
ccpForAngle(const CGFloat a)
    return ccp((CGFloat)cos(a), (CGFloat)sin(a));

where ccp() is

/** Helper macro that creates a CGPoint
 @return CGPoint
static inline CGPoint ccp( CGFloat x, CGFloat y )
    return CGPointMake(x, y);

That can be directly translated to Swift:

func CGPointForAngle(angle: CGFloat) -> CGPoint {
    return CGPoint(x: cos(angle), y: sin(angle))

but the more Swifty way is to define an initializer:

extension CGPoint {
    init(angle: CGFloat) {
        self.init(x: cos(angle), y: sin(angle))

which can then be used as

let pt = CGPoint(angle: CGFloat(M_PI)/3.0)
print(pt)  // (0.5, 0.866025)

to create a point on the unit circle at 60 degrees from the positive x-axis.

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