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iOS NSLayoutConstraint Fixed Width using constraintWithItem

I'd like to set a constraint to give a UIButton a fixed (constant) width programmatically. I know I can do this with constraintsWithVisualFormat, but I've been using constraintWithItem for all of my constraints in code. I was wondering for the sake of curiosity/consistency if there was any way to do this with constraintWithItem.

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Found my solution. Just set the other object to nil, and the other attribute to NSLayoutAttributeNotAnAttribute (this was what I failed to think of) and use the constant parameter for the fixed width:

[self addConstraint:[NSLayoutConstraint constraintWithItem:myButton

Edit: since this answer still seems to get a fair share of views, I thought I'd add the Swift syntax:

        item: myButton,
        attribute: .Width,
        relatedBy: .Equal,
        toItem: nil,
        attribute: .NotAnAttribute,
        multiplier: 1.0,
        constant: 200))
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