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Java Question

sort priority queue of objects by specified value

i want to add objects to priority queue by using specified value
like this

PriorityQueue<Edge> queue=new PriorityQueue<Edge>();

this is class Edge which i want to sort in priority queue by its weight

public class Edge {
private int start,end;
private double weight;

public Edge(int s, int e,Double w){

public int getStart(){
return start;

public int getEnd(){
return end;

public double getWeight(){
return weight;

Answer Source

You should create your priority Queue a little bit different by specifying how its elements should be compared. That is done by passing an anonymous Comparator for the Edge class:

PriorityQueue<Edge> queue=new PriorityQueue<Edge>(10, new Comparator<Edge>() {
    public int compare(Edge edge1, Edge edge2) {
        if (edge1.getWeight() < edge2.getWeight()) return -1;
        if (edge1.getWeight() > edge2.getWeight()) return 1;
        return 0;

Maybe you will have to switch the returns of -1 and 1 depending on your sorting order.

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