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Node.js Question

Output directory not set

I am a total newbie to

I started this project and I have an
file in
directory. Now I have to output
files in build directory,
so I used this gulp file:

// Gulp.js configuration

// include gulp and plugins
gulp = require('gulp');

// file locations
source = 'source/',
dest = 'build/';

// Jader
var jade = require('gulp-jade');

gulp.task('jadehtml', function() {
var YOUR_LOCALS = {};


But somehow when I run
gulp command
it outputs a blank directory in build directory. the black directory is named jade.html
Please tell me how to fix.

Answer Source

Does this fix your problem? I just cleaned up your gulp file: grouped the requirements, removed the unused path variables, and removed the demo gulp-jade options.

var gulp = require('gulp'),
    jade = require('gulp-jade');

gulp.task('jadehtml', function() {
  return gulp.src(['source/jade/*.jade'])

This assumes that all your jade files are in source/jade. As @kosbr said, you can use return gulp.src(['source/jade/**/*.jade']) if you need to include files that are in subfolders of source/jade.

Run this with gulp jadehtml. If you still have problems at least we'll have a clean place to start debugging from.

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