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Composer advantages

In our company we currently do not use composer, we just download and store all libs under git.

What arguments can be given to our customers and system administrators to convince them of the need to use composer?

Our request must be substantiated enough to make a decision.

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With Composer you get the following advantages:

  1. The dependencies required by the package you are pulling in are automatically taken care by Composer itself, leaving you free to focus on the programming instead of dependency management.
  2. When the package you are using gets a new version, a simple composer update will do everything for you, without ever needing to do any file management manually.
  3. With Composer you get a centralized autoload.php file which also be optimized with Composer. It loads everything you need and all you do is include one file. The optimized version is super fast! Simply do composer dump-autoload -o
  4. You can use psr-4 namespaces to load a specific path on your application and have it be included in the autoloader file. Then you can simple use the namespace and it's available application wise!

Look at the following URL for a more detailed list of features: https://getcomposer.org/doc/01-basic-usage.md

There are a lot more thing you can do with Composer and it's wonderful. I highly advise that you guys use and stop wasting time on managing packages yourself.

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