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PHP eBay API revise Item using Business Policies

I am using the eBay API and @davidtstadler's SDK to revise ebay listings.

I am using eBay business policies for payment methods, shipping costs and returns. I can retrieve my business policy id's using BusinessPoliciesManagementService but how do I revise an item to use the policies for payment, shipping and returns.

I cannot find any examples in the API documentation.

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The correct way to set Business Policy ID's for Payment, Returns and Shipping is

    // Business PROFILES
    $item->SellerProfiles = new Types\SellerProfilesType();

    // PAYMENT
    $item->SellerProfiles->SellerPaymentProfile = new Types\SellerPaymentProfileType();
    $item->SellerProfiles->SellerPaymentProfile->PaymentProfileID = 1234567890;
    // RETURNS
    $item->SellerProfiles->SellerReturnProfile = new Types\SellerReturnProfileType();
    $item->SellerProfiles->SellerReturnProfile->ReturnProfileID = 1234567890;
    $item->SellerProfiles->SellerShippingProfile = new Types\SellerShippingProfileType();
    $item->SellerProfiles->SellerShippingProfile->ShippingProfileName = 1234567890; 
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