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.NET - c# - Cross partition query is required but disabled trouble on DocumentDB data access

I have written the following code to fetch a record from the DocumentDB

private static void QueryDocuments1(DocumentClient client)

IQueryable<SearchInput> queryable =
client.CreateDocumentQuery<SearchInput>(UriFactory.CreateDocumentCollectionUri(DocumentDBName, DocumentDBCollectionName))
.Where(x => x.Receiver == "8907180");
List<SearchInput> posts = queryable.ToList();

And it is showing the following error on the code line
List<SearchInput> posts = queryable.ToList();

{"Cross partition query is required but disabled. Please set
x-ms-documentdb-query-enablecrosspartition to true, specify
x-ms-documentdb-partitionkey, or revise your query to avoid this
exception.\r\nActivityId: xxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxxx"}

Please help me on it...

Answer Source

You should use CreateDocumentQuery method with FeedOptions object as a parameter, this class has a property for x-ms-documentdb-query-enablecrosspartition called EnableCrossPartitionQuery.

Please follow links For REST

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