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AngularJS Question

Date time picker inside editable row ui-grid

I am trying to add a date time picker inside a editable cell in ui-grid. I know ui-grid provides a template for date editing but it only has date picker and I need time picker also.
I have found these directive grid-edit-datepicker which adds a bootstrap date picker, but still doesnt have the time picker feature. I have been trying to modify the directive to work with angular-bootstrap-datepicker. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

Finally I have achieved what I want. I have used this directive bootstrap-ui-datetime-picker and mixed with ui-grid-edit-datepicker. If someone want to know how I have achieved this post a comment in the answer and I will explain it (I am a little busy now if I have time I will edit the asnwer with a plunker example).

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