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Adjusting Boostrap container's RIGHT margin

It took me several seconds to adjust left margin on Bootstrap container (narrowing the white blank space on the left side), but now I spent several hours googling to make the same adjustment on the right margin, and so success. Did anyone have idea how to fix it ?

Important note! Ideally, I would avoid editing the original Bootstrap file, and instead put some CSS over the the Bootstrap file. This simple code solved the left margin. I guess, I have to edit the WIDTH of the container, but no idea how to do this in a semantically correct way.



Answer Source

You should use a container-fluid which doesn't have a fixed width. By default it has no margin so you can add it the same way you did for container, or make it a bit more compact:

.container-fluid {
    margin: auto 10px;

If you change the width settings of the container element you cannot use it at it's original intent which is responsive width based on window size.

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