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Javascript Question

Any of the inner element is visible jQuery

Is there any other quick way to achieve following functionality using jQuery.

My scenario in form validation is as follows:

  • If the error occurs in the form then, show the error message for the field in an

  • If user makes a correction then hide the li that matches error corrected

  • If the error comes (because of calculations on the page) again, then display the same error.

  • And on/before submit, I need to check if any all of the error messages are hidden. if so then only submit the form.


<ul id="errorList" class="errorlist" style="display: inline-block;">
<li style="display: none;">不正な日付です</li>
<li class="">16 文字以内にしてください</li>
<li style="display: none;">不正な日付です</li>
<li style="display: none;">不正な日付です</li>


function has_any_visible_errors(){
var innerHiddens = [];
$("#errorList li").each(function(){
return (innerHiddens.indexOf(false) == -1)?true:false;

Answer Source

Try this : You can make use of :visible to find visible li elements and check the number of visible lis, if it is greater than 0 then return true.

function has_any_visible_errors(){  
    return $("#errorList li:visible").length > 0;
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