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Objective-C Question

Lint Fail for Cocoapods

I have an Objective-C Library and I am trying to update the podspec to cocoapods. When I do the "pod spec lint" command I get the following error:

[!] The spec did not pass validation, due to 1 error.
[!] The validator for Swift projects uses Swift 3.0 by default, if you are using a different version of swift you can use a `.swift-version` file to set the version for your Pod. For example to use Swift 2.3, run:
`echo "2.3" > .swift-version`.

Here is my podspec file:

Pod::Spec.new do |s|

s.name = "OSwitch"
s.version = "0.2.0"
s.license = { :type => "MIT", :file => "LICENSE" }
s.summary = "OSwitch is a customisable switch control writen in Objective C."
s.homepage = 'https://github.com/OyaSaid/OSwitch'
s.source = { :git => 'https://github.com/OyaSaid/OSwitch.git', :tag => s.version.to_s }
s.platform = :ios, "7.0"
s.ios.frameworks = ['UIKit', 'Foundation']
s.source_files = 'OSwitch/Classes/**/*.{h,m}'
s.requires_arc = true

Why does this show when I have an objective C library. And how do I fix this?


Answer Source

Just run the following command in the terminal:

    `echo "2.3" > .swift-version` 

It will create a swift version file in your pod-project folder. And then you can run the lint command to validate your podspec.

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