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CSS Question

PNG images refuse to resize?

Completely stuck on this one... I've tried various arraignments of max-width and max-height, as well as auto values.

No idea what is holding me up. Here's the effected code:

<div class="copybar">
<li id="copy-credit"><h3>Copyright 2016: </h3><a id="credit-animate" href="">Zach Curtis</a></li>
<li id="social-icon"><a href=""><img class="icon-img" src="images/iconfb.png"></a></li>
<li id="social-icon"><a href=""><img class="icon-img" src="images/iconinsta.png"></imgc></a></li>
<li id="social-icon"><a href=""><img class="icon-img" src="images/icontwit.png"></a></li>


.copybar {
background-color: darkslategray;
display: inline-block;


.copybar ul {
list-style: none;

#copy-credit {
display: block;
float: right;


display: block;
float: left;
max-width: 25%;

height: auto;

Answer Source

Your class is declared as icon-image in your CSS but referenced as icon-img in your HTML.

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