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Symfony2 and Selectize.js: Clearest way to persist new items in entity field type?

In Symfony2 I have

, where I add the entity

->add('tags', 'entity', [
'label' => 'Tags',
'class' => 'DbBundle:Tag',
'property' => 'title',
'multiple' => true,

This generate multiple select element, where I can choose existing tags from database (Doctrine). But I need to add new tags dynamicaly, which don't exist yet.

On a client side I use jQuery plugin Selectize.js, which allows me to add new tag to select box. But after submit form the new tags are not saved.

So my question is - what is the clearest way to persist new items from select box (entity field type)?

Answer Source

Use a Data Transformer for your entity. And in the reverseTransform method, if you don't find the newly added band, simply create it there instead of throwing a TransformationFailedException.

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