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Java Question

How do you convert wsdl to java classes using Eclipse?

I have wsdl (it's url), I need to convert it to java classes. I need to provide tests for web service.
I'm new to web services so could someone tell me how to convert wsdl to java.

I use eclipse JEE Kepler, so maybe where are some plugins to do it automatically?


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In Eclipse Kepler it is very easy to generate Web Service Client classes,You can achieve this by following steps .

RightClick on any Project->Create New Other ->Web Services->Web Service Client->Then paste the wsdl url(or location) in Service Definition->Next->Finish

You will see the generated classes are inside your src folder.

NOTE :Without eclipse also you can generate client classes from wsdl file by using wsimport command utility which ships with JDK.

refer this link Create Web service client using wsdl

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