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CSS Question

How to place an image at the right of a centered one

Hi I'm trying to put an image next to a centered one

the code looks like this :

<div id="body3" >
<center><img HEIGHT="700" WIDTH="600" src="Logo.jpg"></center>
<img height="40" width="220" ;" src="reserver.png" style="float: right;">

but the second image will go underneath the first one and to the right.I want it to be to the right of the centered one.

Any options? Thank you


Try this:

<div id="body3" >
    <center><img  HEIGHT="700" WIDTH="600" style="display: inline-block;" src="Logo.jpg">  <img height="40" width="220" style="display: inline-block;" src="reserver.png">  </center>