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how to iterate json object array?

i have a json array like

[{ "qbCondition": "OR"},{"fieldId": "ca.Primary_Diagnosis_Dt" ,"operator":"not_equal","fieldValue": "1991/11/17"},{"fieldId": "ca.Clinical_Stage","operator": "not_equal","fieldValue": "I"}]

I just want to put this array into

var rules_widgets = { condition: 'qbCondition', rules: [{ id: 'fieldId',operator: 'operator', value: 'fieldValue'},{id: 'fieldValue',operator: 'operator', value: 'fieldValue' },]};

dynamically i tried this

$(data).each(function(idx, obj){
$(obj).each(function(key, value){
console.log(JSON.stringify(key) + ": " + JSON.stringify(value));

but don't know how to put this values dynamically to create above json please help

Answer Source

You can do something like this

var x = [{  "qbCondition": "OR"},{"fieldId": "ca.Primary_Diagnosis_Dt" ,"operator":"not_equal","fieldValue": "1991/11/17"},{"fieldId": "ca.Clinical_Stage","operator": "not_equal","fieldValue": "I"}]

var rules = [];
for(var i=1; i<x.length; i++) {
    id: x[i].fieldId,
    operator: x[i].operator,
    value: x[i].fieldValue

var rules_widgets = {
    condition: x[0].qbCondition,
  rules: rules
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