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Scala Question

ERROR: Phantom-dsl BatchQuery Unspecified with Overloaded method

I am attempting to extend my application to include another Cassandra table for storing the Transactions included in each Block.

I have tried to keep the code snippets succinct and relevant. If there is further code context required - just let me know.

phantomVersion = "1.22.0"
cassandraVersion = "2.1.4"

I am getting the following compilation error with the code listed below. Insights greatly appreciated.

[error] /home/dan/projects/open-blockchain/scanner/src/main/scala/org/dyne/danielsan/openblockchain/data/database/Database.scala:30: overloaded method value add with alternatives:
[error] (batch: com.websudos.phantom.batch.BatchQuery[_])com.websudos.phantom.batch.BatchQuery[com.websudos.phantom.builder.Unspecified] <and>
[error] (queries: Iterator[com.websudos.phantom.builder.query.Batchable with com.websudos.phantom.builder.query.ExecutableStatement])(implicit session: com.datastax.driver.core.Session)com.websudos.phantom.batch.BatchQuery[com.websudos.phantom.builder.Unspecified] <and>
[error] (queries: com.websudos.phantom.builder.query.Batchable with com.websudos.phantom.builder.query.ExecutableStatement*)(implicit session: com.datastax.driver.core.Session)com.websudos.phantom.batch.BatchQuery[com.websudos.phantom.builder.Unspecified] <and>
[error] (query: com.websudos.phantom.builder.query.Batchable with com.websudos.phantom.builder.query.ExecutableStatement)(implicit session: com.datastax.driver.core.Session)com.websudos.phantom.batch.BatchQuery[com.websudos.phantom.builder.Unspecified]
[error] cannot be applied to (scala.concurrent.Future[com.datastax.driver.core.ResultSet])
[error] .add(ChainDatabase.bt.insertNewBlockTransaction(bt))
[error] ^
[error] one error found
[error] (compile:compileIncremental) Compilation failed
[error] Total time: 6 s, completed Aug 9, 2016 2:42:30 PM


case class BlockTransaction(hash: String, txid: String)

sealed class BlockTransactionModel extends CassandraTable[BlockTransactionModel, BlockTransaction] {

override def fromRow(r: Row): BlockTransaction = {

object hash extends StringColumn(this) with PartitionKey[String]

object txid extends StringColumn(this) with ClusteringOrder[String] with Descending


abstract class ConcreteBlockTransactionModel extends BlockTransactionModel with RootConnector {

override val tableName = "block_transactions"

def insertNewBlockTransaction(bt: BlockTransaction): Future[ResultSet] = insertNewRecord(bt).future()

def insertNewRecord(bt: BlockTransaction) = {
.value(_.hash, bt.hash)
.value(_.txid, bt.txid)


class Database(val keyspace: KeySpaceDef) extends DatabaseImpl(keyspace) {

def insertBlock(block: Block) = {

def insertTransaction(tx: Transaction) = {

def insertBlockTransaction(bt: BlockTransaction) = {

object block extends ConcreteBlocksModel with keyspace.Connector

object tx extends ConcreteTransactionsModel with keyspace.Connector

object btx extends ConcreteBlockTransactionsModel with keyspace.Connector


object ChainDatabase extends Database(Config.keySpaceDefinition)

Answer Source

The error is obviously that you are trying to add a Future to a Batch, when a Batch needs a query. If you already triggered a query, it's not possible to batch it anymore, so you need to stop one step ahead. Here's how:

def insertNewRecord(
  bt: BlockTransaction
): InsertQuery.Default[BlockTransactionModel, BlockTransaction] = {
    .value(_.hash, bt.hash)
    .value(_.txid, bt.txid)

Now you can add multiple records to a batch with:

 // etc

On a different note a batch in Cassandra is not used to do parallel inserts, instead it is used to guarantee atomicity which makes it in general at least 30% slower than a normal parallel insert. Read this for more details.

If you simply want to insert more things at the same time, you can use the method that returns a future like this:

def insertMany(
  list: List[BlockTransaction]
): Future[List[ResultSet]] = {
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