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Artisan make:auth login failing

Good day every one, im working with laravel 5.3 trying the make:auth command but it seems that either is broken or im doing something wrong this are the steeps i followed:

  1. composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

  2. cd blog

  3. edit .env to set the database conection

  4. artisan make:auth

  5. artisan migrate

  6. artisan serve

  7. register a new user using the generated

  8. log out

  9. try to log in

then i got an
credentials mismatch error
i did this on a new project/Schema on mysql

im using:

  • mariaDB 10.1.8-MariaDB

  • php 5.6.15

  • laravel 5.3

  • windows 10 home edition

i started tracing the code but i can find what is causing this error

any idea on how to solve this?

just tested in laravel 5.2 does not present this behavior.
also i tested to use 1 through 6 as a password as suggested in the comments but it failed, im opening a bug report on laravel´s GitHub page and i´ll link to it in the comments

Answer Source

solved it, my migrations was wrong, it had "Password" (capital P) instead of "password" sorry for wasting your time

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