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Git Question

How to rename a directory/folder in Github(Web)?

I was able to locate a way in the GitHub Web Application to rename
a single file and did so with success.

I was also able to find a way to rename a whole repository and did that with success.

Does anyone know how to do this to a single directory without using command line? For reference, I am trying to change a directory named InterviewTesting(that contains src files, etc) to something else. I tried doing it the single file way.enter image description here

but this didn't allow me to change the name of the directory(InterviewTesting), only the actual ffile name.

Answer Source

There is no way to do this in the GitHub web application. I believe to only way to do this is in the command line using git mv <old name> <new name> or by using a Git client(like SourceTree).

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