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MySQL Question

Convert hex to binary in MySQL

Currently I search a function in MySQL to do conversion between hex string to binary representation, example:

0000 -> 0000000000000000
00AA -> 0000000010101010
FFFF -> 1111111111111111

I have already tried


but didn't get the results I want.

Answer Source

Use CONV() function:

CONV(string, 16, 2)

To have length according to input:

LPAD(CONV(string, 16, 2), LENGTH(string)*4, '0')

As CONV() works with 64-bit precision, you can't have more than 64 bits converted, so you can use this as well:

LPAD(CONV(string, 16, 2), 64, '0')

and you should check that LENGTH(string) <= 16 or you may get erroneous results.

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