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Colored logcat in android studio by colorpid

according to this link github colored logcat I am looking for any solution how to use it in android studio/intellij. Is there in android studio any option to modify calling

adb logcat
Here is the example how it works.
enter image description here

Answer Source

You can customize colors at Preferences – Editor – Colors & Fonts – Android Logcat.

Android logcat color editor

Here is Darcula theme, suggested by Matouš Skála:

Darcula colors:

Debug  : 6897BB
Info   : 6A8759
Warn   : BBB529
Error  : FF6B68
Assert : 9876AA

Darcula theme

Only show logcat from selected process is supported by default feature at AndroidStudio. If you are not satisfied with current customizations you need to continue to use your favorite shell with JakeWharton srcipt as for now.

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