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Get rid off extra TableViewCellSeparator when using custom cell

I'm building a custom table view cell with the Interface Builder. After creating a new view that inherits from UITableViewCell, I get the following

. Right down at the bottom of the view you can see the separator line.

Custom Cell

After running the app and jumping into the UI debugger, I see two separators for the cells that came out of the UITableViewDataSource methods.

enter image description here
enter image description here

Obviously this looks weird. Why the duplication? How do I get rid off it?

Edit 1

Thanks to the suggestion by Shubhank, removing separators from the table view removed the duplicates.

enter image description here

Answer Source

TableWrapperView might be having a custom selector or even the cell xib. Not sure here since i can't see the view details here.

A simple solution would be to just remove the source UITableView separators by setting them to none. That way you would have only one selector showing up

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