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reST (reStructuredText) Question

Receive Prompts from a report using REST services for Pentaho

I was wondering if it is possible to receive the prompts used (with possibly all it's options) in a report using REST services.

What I like to achieve is receiving the prompts and if possible all the options for those prompts in an XML format from any given Pentaho report. I know there are rest calls for basic repository listings etc... but I can't seem to find this specific call.

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It is possible to get full parameters xml (which includes parameters, parameters values, parameters attributes as far as info which is used to create report prompts) - full parameter info. You need bi server and reporting plugin. The url is:


And we have to pass parameter renderMode with value: PARAMETER.

Here we call to report under /public/Steel Wheels/Inventory List (reprot).prpt

or simplifying -


You can open browser and inspect requests responses just on fly:

enter image description here

On a screen is actually parameter requests you are looking for.

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