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Opening viewController programatically in swift

I want to open new UIViewController on the button through code.I have already made the controller in storyboard and just want to link it and also i don't want to use XIB interface or nibName ? I was not been able to do that after searching through many tutorials

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To open New view controller you need to write this line in button click event:

self.performSegueWithIdentifier("GoToViewController", sender:self)

To link up with new view controller follow this steps:

  • Select New view controller from storyboard & right click on it

  • You will find Dark dray popup will appear (see image )

  • Now under Presenting Segues select Present Modally & drag to the View controller from where you need to open up this view controller & link it

  • You will find new segue created under New view controller

  • Now select that segue go to inspector & copy the identifier or rename & copy it

  • Use that identifier in above line

Hope it will work.

enter image description here

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