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galaxy s6 messages app opens link in the messages browser instead of opening the app?

I am developing an app where you get a text message with a link in it.
When this said link is clicked normally the app opens (Huawei p9 lite, htc one m8) but when I try to test this on a galaxy s6/s7 the standard messaging app opens up the in-app browser.
Is there a workaround for this ?

Edit: example url:

Answer Source

I also experienced this issue on s6 edge and s7 as well as the note series.
Here is what you could try:

  • Use custom url scheme like myapp://xyz
  • Redirect the user when the web page is loaded (not tested)
  • Open an iframe with the url when the web page is loaded (not tested)
  • Tinker with android chrome intents
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