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MVC 5 - RedirectToAction Not Redirecting

Hi I have a problem with my RedirectToAction not redirecting. My code successfully hits a breakpoint placed on the Redirect so I can confirm it is being called. Nothing seems to happen however.

I have tried looking at the network traffic in Chrome and there doesn't seem to be anything obvious. I must be missing something simple!

// POST: /Blog/CreateBlog
public ActionResult CreateBlog(BlogViewModel model)
var userId = User.Identity.GetUserId();
model.UserId = userId;

if (ModelState.IsValid && model.UserId != null)
Mapper.CreateMap<BlogViewModel, Blog>();
if (_blogProcess.CreateBlog(Mapper.Map<BlogViewModel, Blog>(model)))
RedirectToAction("Index", "Blog");

// If we got this far, something failed, redisplay form
return View(model);

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return RedirectToAction("Index", "Blog");
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