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Android MPAndroidChart: How to customise bar values

I am using MPAndroidChart in my android app. I use BarChart. So I prepare BarEntry for it. I also enable y value to be displayed on top of the bar. My issue is that I want values on top of the bars to be whole numbers,like 5.But currently it displays as 5.00.

enter image description here

So how to make 5.00 as 5?

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Values are formatted using the ValueFormatter interface. Here's a simple formatter that converts all values to integers:

public class IntValueFormatter implements ValueFormatter {

    public String getFormattedValue(float value, Entry entry, int dataSetIndex, ViewPortHandler viewPortHandler) {
        return String.valueOf((int) value);

You can then use this formatter for both BarData and individual BarDataSet objects like this:

barData/barDataSet.setValueFormatter(new IntValueFormatter());

For more information on ValueFormatter, check the following links:

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