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Refreshing static content with Spring MVC and Boot

I'm evaluating Spring MVC & Boot and AngularJs for building web applications. I've run into the problem that when I make modifications to my static content (html, js, css), I have to restart the application every time. I hope there is a some way of solving that because restarting the whole application for static content changes is not efficient. Every other web app framework I've tried allows updating static content files on the fly(even just Spring MVC and plain old WAR application).

I've setup my project from "Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring Boot Actuator" guide ( Basically it uses Spring Boot and MVC controllers to create a REST service. In addition, I've used "Consuming a RESTful Web Service with AngularJS" guide ( to build a frontend with AngularJS. It creates a web page that displays the response from the REST service. The only change I've made is that the requests are made to my application instead of "". My static content is stored in "src/main/resources/public" folder. This setup works correctly except it doesn't reload static content.

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The docs say "all modern IDEs allow reloading of static resources and usually also hot-swapping of Java class changes" ( It's true. Eclipse does it more or less by default, and I'm not an IntelliJ user, but from what I understand you can configure it to build automatically as well.

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