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SQL Question

Ukrainian character change to question mark when insert to table

I have a file saved as Unicode text containing Ukrainian characters, and it got loaded successfully to staging table using SSIS.

Like this:

"Колодки тормозные дисковые, комплект"
Колодки тормозные
"Колодки тормозные дисковые, комплект"
This is Test

But when I am moving it to other table it changes to:

"??????? ????????? ????????, ????????"
??????? ?????????
"??????? ????????? ????????, ????????"
This is Test

The query I used:

insert into finaltable

select column1 from staging table.

Collation: Latin1_General_CI_AS

How can I rectify this error?

Answer Source

Use nvarchar in your table and when you type your strings in the insert statement put N in front, like N'your string'. Also consider changing your collation due to sorting issues, refer to this question.

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