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CSS Question

how come this code is building too much for my website?

I want to just show this: '»', not '»'. Why is 'Â' being added to it? How come it's not just the double right arrow? What's wrong with HTML5?

For this, I will provide my CSS4 and HTML5 code below:


#buttonServices1{transition: all 0.5s;}

#buttonServices1 span {

#buttonServices1 span:after {
content: '»';
transition: 0.5s;

#buttonServices1:hover span {
padding-right: 25px;

#buttonServices1:hover span:after {
opacity: 1;


<button id="buttonServices1"><span>Services</span></button>



Answer Source

The CSS content property requires you to use Unicode hex escapes

content: '\00bb',

Here is a useful chart of them

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