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Problem with QSqlTableModel -- no automatic updates

After setting up a table model in Qt 4.4 like this:

QSqlTableModel *sqlmodel = new QSqlTableModel();



the content is displayed properly, but editing is not possible, error:

QSqlQuery::value: not positioned on a valid record

Answer Source

I can confirm that the bug exists exactly as you report it, in Qt 4.5.1, AND that the documentation, e.g. here, still gives a wrong example (i.e. one including the removeColumn call).

As a work-around I've tried to write a slot connected to the beforeUpdate signal, with the idea of checking what's wrong with the QSqlRecord that's about to be updated in the DB and possibly fixing it, but I can't get that to work -- any calls to methods of that record parameter are crashing my toy-app with a BusError.

So I've given up on that idea and switched to what's no doubt the right way to do it (visibility should be determined by the view, not by the model, right?-): lose the removeColumn and in lieu of it call tableView->setColumnHidden(0, true) instead. This way the IDs are hidden and everything works.

So I think we can confirm there's a documentation error and open an issue about it in the Qt tracker, so it can be fixed in the next round of docs, right?

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