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C# Question

What is the prefix Fluent signify in the WPF control name "Fluent:RibbonWindow"?

In FluentRibbon project, the XAML file contains:

<Fluent:RibbonWindow xmlns=""

I know that
is a class (derived from WPF
class). It's the
prefix that I don't understand.

The same type of construct is also used by MahMetro like so:

<Metro:MetroWindow x:Class="FluentTest.MahMetroWindow"

What does the prefix signify in the above cases?

Answer Source

That's the namespace those controls/types live in. Some namespaces are included automatically when Xaml is converted to C#, but anything new that you bring in (either from 3rd party libraries or your own application) has to be explicit.

<UserControl xmlns:customControls="using:MyNamespace.CustomControls"

    ... more declarations ...

    <customControls:MySpecialPanel />
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