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Local Jekyll Serve/Live Site discrepancy

I am creating a jekyll blog to host on my account using a theme. The problem is simple: when I run 'jekyll serve' the site generates locally as it should with no issues. However, when I push it to repository, it is breaking online.

I'm confused as to why this is happening. I found one other question here on stack: Locally building and pushing jekyll site to github pages. An answerer recommends pushing only the _site folder of jekyll that gets auto-generated. However, that didn't solve it for me.

Link to my repo if anyone wants to take a stab:

Link to broken live page:

Any ideas appreciated!

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Looks like you're requesting assets with http://, but serving your site on https://. Browsers don't like that. Use your browser developer tools to see the errors.

Although I can't be sure without a repo URL, you've probably got something like this set in your _config.yml:


Change it to:

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