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Javascript Question

Simple math coming out wrong

I've made a super simple script to pop out some hourly rates from a pool of tips. Thing is, this one specific result always comes out wrong. What the heck is going on?

var tips = prompt('Enter final tips after payouts and cleaning');

//Hours worked for both positions
var tendHrsFirst = 11;
var tendHrsSecond = 10;

//Hourly Rate
var barThourly = ((tips/(tendHrsFirst+++tendHrsSecond)));

//This result here always comes out as if tendHrsFirst is 12 and not 11.
var barToneTotal = (tendHrsFirst * barThourly);

//This result is always correct
var barTtwoTotal = (tendHrsSecond * barThourly);

Answer Source

You are incrementing with tendHrsFirst++, so it actually is 12.

I guess those are actually two commands.

tendHrsFirst++ increments tendHrsFrist by 1. Afterwards, you add both numbers. Not sure why you think that's a good idea. Cleaning up your code should help avoiding such mistakes.

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